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Any sources on Ondo and Epe history?

Every once in a while, I get emails. Recently Dupe asked for resources to help understand the lives of Yoruba men and women in the 19th century.

From her email;

I’m especially interested in understanding the lives of Yoruba women and men in the 19th century. How gender relations worked. Childcare practices. Practices of farmers/traders. Religious practices for Ondo and Epe people. Etc, etc.

Basically, I’m trying to get into the heads of my ancestors who were from Ondo and Epe, so if there’s anything at all that you can recommend that can help me with that, I’ll be immensely grateful.

Off the top of my head I recommended, “The Evolution of Ondo Kingdom Over 500 years” by Oladidipo Akinkugbe as that’s a book I’ve been eyeing and waiting to buy. Dupe shared more about the project she’s working on (which is going to be a dope work of historical fiction, I’m waiting to read it!) and mentioned a book called “The Makers of Ode-Ondo” by Rasheed Olabamidele Fawehinmi.

I’m putting this out there in case anyone can help. Do you have any sources on Yoruba lives in the 19th century that we don’t know about (i.e. haven’t been mentioned here)? Please let us know in the comments!