Blog TLC

I’ve taken to bullet points in order to curb my tendencies of writing loooong posts.

– I’ve changed the blog’s theme! I’m not sure what long term readers think of it…I saw this theme on another blog and liked it, I pretty much installed it without much thought. I really like my new banner image of a dark-skinned Shiro Lolita! I was worried about the small font in the previous theme and I like that this current one is larger.

– Readers and subscribers may not have noticed but I’ve come up with a timetable for updating this blog in 2012. For the foreseeable future, I shall update every 3 Wednesdays and take 2 weeks off. Which means there’s a post going up today, Wednesday the 21st and posts scheduled for the 28th and 4th. After the 4th of April, there will be no posts until the 25th. This will give me more time to focus on other stuff. I still get ideas to blog about but I’m steadily running out of time to get stuff DONE.

– I’ll try to put up at least one “arts” related post in each cycle, so if it is not one of the short films I’ve been enjoying online recently, it’s going to be one of the audiobooks I’ve been listening to recently OR it’ll be a review of lesser known, “old school” African movies. Book reviews are good too!

– I initially wanted to stop putting music posts here and keep that to DW but I may put “old school” African music as part of my “arts” related posts. I’m happy because I’ve always wanted share the “vintage” Ethiopian jazz that has grown on me.

And that’s it! I’m keeping the focus of this blog on essays, reviews and the occasional signal boost. It’s going to be largely impersonal, I see this blog’s reader count is currently 90,500 or thereabouts and I’d rather discuss personal stuff somewhere else. I know I can lock posts here but I don’t really talk to people on WordPress. My internet friends are mostly on DW or get my freshest news in their inbox.

I think this year, I’m approaching my 3rd year of blogging. So yay! Let’s keep moving forward.


  1. What a refreshing change! Love the theme and the header too. I need to come up with a flexible blogging schedule that I can stick too. Been too busy to post much this month. 3 years blogging is wonderful. Do keep it up!

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