Bridgette Amofah is Great!

Bridgette Amofah is a Ghanaian-British pop/alternative/soul singer and she is one of the best musicians I’ve listened to in a while. I’m very picky with my music and I’ve pretty much given up on any music from the West (i.e America and Europe). I’m a world music freak however occassionally I find a musician that is a keeper and Bridgette Amofah is definitely a keeper. I found out about her on Yaye Marieba’s blog and I’ve since purchased her single from itunes. That single has two songs ‘What It Takes’ and ‘Not Your Style’. I have been listening to both songs on repeat since yesterday! Bridgette is really a talented singer and I wish her all the best (I am patiently waiting for an album). I love her style as well and she is beautiful. Below is ‘What It Takes’


  1. I must say I really love your quirkiness and eccentricity ..I came here once and ofcourse read all your posts.. I shall visit very much more often.I saw this lady via Yaye´s blog as well..she truly is a beauty… I can´t listen to her now, probably later.

  2. welcome to the planet joicee! thanks a lot! please feel free to visit and comment i really appreciate it. and you should listen to Bridgette when you have the time, she’s fab!

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