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The post just before this one is very long and as always with me, there is a reason. I am off to London for a few days and I am still debating whether or not to take my laptop with me. I will be staying with my eunni and she does not have wireless internet in her place. Plus I will probably be too busy to blog, but I always travel with my laptop, you never know a thief may break into my room or there could be an earthquake…I have plans to visit the British Museum (to see if the artifacts ‘they’ stole from Africa will give me a better idea of what I am writing), have lunch or something with friends I have not seen in ages and party at this Asian club. Yes indeed, I plan to go to a club that plays K-pop (Korean pop) in London (no not a club with a sign that says ‘East Asians only’).

The club is open to those interested in the music they play but I guess there are going to be a lot of Asians there. I will definitely blog about my experiences, I was super excited about this club before but now I am less excited because I feel it may not be as good as I hoped (and my Korean music is limited to DBSK, SS501 and Rain). Well I will be going with my eunni and her friends and hopefully my good friend Xena will be coming as well, so we will make something out of it. We are actually celebrating my eunni’s birthday which was on Monday and since she is who she is, we will be eating Korean food before heading to the Asian club. LOL, it wil definitely be an experience and not one I want to miss.

I went to my college’s summer ball on Tuesday and Saturday marks the end of my ‘socializing’ and the beginning of serious reading. I have finished reading this book on China in Africa already and my thesis is becoming clearer and clearer. So this blog will be turned off for the next couple of days while I enjoy London town.


  1. good Korean food (read: cheap, I don't know what good is) is hidden underneath a Korean supermarket near the British Museum. and I used to go to a 'oriental' night in Charing Cross, now long gone.

  2. Lita, the 'Oriental' night sounds interesting! i went to a supermarket at Tottenham Court Road, though i didn't buy anything in the end. SOLOMONSYDELLE, thank you so much! i need all the luck i can get. it is on China in Africa generally. i'm investigating China's goals in Africa and Africa's reaction to China's involvement as a whole.

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