Fighting Ignorance

‘Fighting’ ignorance with ignorance does not help resolve the issue. What I mean to say is one cannot claim to confront ignorance by being ignorant themselves. It is really annoying and disappointing when I see people complaining about (for example) racism directed towards them by being racist themselves. I mean if everyone did that how on earth will we reach a reasonable and suitable solution?

Now for the totally unrelated stuff…

…Yesterday I had a discussion about Israel and Palestine in French! It was very difficult. It was easier for me to talk about Chinese democracy in French!

It rained today, the rain reminded me of Nigerian rain. I got soaked walking in the rain even though I had an umbrella. I could not stop smiling and laughing as my shoes, tights and dress got wet.

Hopefully, I start working next month! Till then, I’ll be improving my French.

Just because you have spent years studying a particular field and have become an expert in said field does not mean that The People will listen to what you say.

I went to the African dance class last night…that may be why I am really tired today. I was dressed inappropriately for the dance but thought it was appropriate enough before I got there. I was the only person wearing a skirt. It was not appropriate at all. It was fun dancing to an djembe though. I think I will go there again.

And I’m ending this with a question; when people stare at you, does that mean they are racist? For example if you travel and the locals there stare at you, is this racist behaviour?


  1. Je ne sais pas. I have had this experience before too. I do think part of it is racism and part of it is curiosity. In my experience there was literally one guy who in a cafe was pointedly staring at me in shock. I ignored him because adults know that it is rude to stare. The rest of my experience was the normal secret stare. Like when people are curious about you but don't really want to appear to be staring so they don't but you can tell they are dying to. Kids staring is cool especially when the parent smacks it for staring and yet you can tell the parent wants to do it themselves lol. Welcome to Europe honey, outside of major cities some people really only see black people on TV!

  2. No, I don't think staring is racist, could be just curiousity. Like when I saw my first red hair, green eyes caucasian up close and personal in Nigeria. It's easy to tell bigotry by how long the stare lasts, the expression in the stare and what happens after the stare. Like do they spit in your face, laugh at you, refuse to serve you coffee, you get the idea…

  3. They could just be curious..Remember I said I had some questions for you…1. Where did you learn japanese?2. What do you plan to do with this love you have for Japanese culture?(By that I mean, are you going to live there, write a book in Japanese, if anything)

  4. I agree that it may just be curiousity especially if what Jc said is true about Europeans only see black people on tv outside of major cities. You must have been the only one around that stood out from the rest.

  5. thanks for the comments people. i just wanted to ensure that i was not weird in thinking that stares out of curiosity are not racist. i'm glad i'm not alone.Jc, there are actually more black people here that i'd thought. i still got stares though.Myne, i agree with your explanation. i also stare at people but definitely not with bigotry!L-VII, yes i remember your questions! i first of all taught myself Japanese(through podcasts and youtube) then i decided to go to evening classes at my university about 2 years ago. my routine this past year was going to evening classes and attending language exchange at this Japanese university with a UK campus. there i got to practice my Japanese and make friends (and learn Japanese slang). no i don't want to live in Japan…actually i don't mind staying in Japan for like a few months but i don't want to settle there or anything. and i surely cannot write a book in Japanese. my interest in Japanese culture was to quench my curiosity and i think i've done well so far. my cultural interests may change in the future. and i won't say i love Japanese culture ^_^The Misses, when i was stared at it was some slimy middle-aged man *shivers*

  6. Speaking about strange middle aged men lol, I must warn you about Spain. Some (many) men of all ages in Spain are 'special'. They will openly ask for sex and if declined will offer to pay. They seem to pay 'special' attention to black women.If you are ever in Barcelona, consider yourself warned.

  7. Jc, thanks for the advice! i got asked to go for coffee in Italy. and i was thinking of going to Barcelona too.

  8. L-VII, you're welcome!!! okay i'm honoured that you find me fascinating. like i said before do feel free to ask and i shall answer.

  9. I agree with Jc – be wary of Spanish men. Some think that all black women are prostitutes.So I HAVE to tell you: Bleach just got REAL. Aizen killed his own Espada and decided he'd fight the ENTIRE Gotei 13 and Vaizards himself. With Gin's help, of course. Hiyori (short Vaizard with pigtails and a bad temper) got chopped in half, and Ichigo is FINALLY heading back to Karakura town. I'm so excited, because the story is FINALLY moving quickly. Read the three most recent chapters, you'll see what I mean. 😀 can you tell I'm excited?

  10. mellowyel! noooooooo way okay i'm off to read Bleach now. damn how could that happen…well finally something has happened. lol. i can feel your excitement woman. oh how did she get chopped in half. fine you've won, i'm reading it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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