1. I think she is amazing. Ooooh I just came back from the African Film Festival in Brooklyn. Off to blog about it!

  2. yay! i love her too. and i read your blog, i’m officially jealous of you 😛

  3. I do like her alot. I fell in love with her when I heard Yala sometime in 2003. She is really good but not well known as she should be. Her new album Seya is one of my fave buy this year so far (alongside Amadou & Mariam's Welcome to Mali.)

  4. On a totally different note, I just went through some of your previous posts and I have to say we are alike in many ways starting from mutual love for world music. I get the feeling that you are an IR student with interest in China/East Asia. I don’t know and I could be wrong. But being an IR student myself (with interest in Middle East instead), it is easy for me to pick out fellow ‘kindred spirit’ just from their writings. Regardless of your field, expect my constant appearance on your page. I’m adding you to my blog roll!

  5. yay! welcome to the planet Moody Crab! thanks for adding me to your blogroll. and you guessed right omg! i am an IR student with a serious interest in China/East Asia *blush*. i love Yala as well. do you know the meaning of the song by any chance? you’re welcome here anytime!

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