*peeps from behind the curtain*

Yes, Cosmic Yoruba (formerly Eccentric Yoruba) is back!

A lot has happened between April 2, 2013 (when I last updated) and now. I would like to say that I have grown up in a number of ways since then. I started working a 9 to 5 that drains my soul, made new friends, travelled to several new places, written a couple of stories (and a book!) and all the while I have wanted to put something up on my blog.

I feel bad that I let this blog lay stagnant but no worries I am here to bring it back. I have read so much more on women in West African history that I want to share with you. I will tentatively say that this blog will be updated once a month. Twice if I am in a good mood. To go with the relaunch, here’s a new theme, new pages. My blog is now graced with the artwork of the super talented Odera Igbokwe.

I look forward to keeping this blog alive.

Oh and to end this post, I would like to shoutout all the people that followed me while my blog was defunct, it’s really encouraging to think that people still wanted to read my rambling enough to subscribe for alerts. Obrigada!


  1. Really looking forward to you sharing what you’ve read on West African women, I find it hard to find sources or books to read!

    1. The best source I have found is…word of mouth! But the issue is that few of us are interested in history. And chances are when you find someone who studied history in school they most likely only know the colonialist version. I say talk to the elders. That and, be willing to spend hundreds of dollars on books. There are out there, once you find out, you look through the sources and find more, it’s like a rabbit hole.

  2. Funny enough i came from google to read about IYALODE EFUNSETAN.. i liked your writing and looked at the blog name.. i recognise reading Eccentric Yoruba way back.. and happy to see that you updated 2 days ago after 2 years..

    1. It’s like you know who my next post will be about 😉 Thanks so much for the comment and for liking my writing. Let’s hope I maintain my updates *facepalm*

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