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I Was Interviewed!

That African Girl asked me some questions for her ‘Behind the Words’ series in which she interviews a cross-section of African members of the blogosphere. I was so honoured (and humbled) by her choosing to interview me, Makafui had such kind words to say about me (n_n)

Next up in the Behind the words series, we introduce Rafee of the blog, curiosity killed the eccentric yoruba. It’s not every day that you see the words ‘curiosity’, ‘eccentric’ and ‘yoruba’ put in the same sentence. African film history and commentary, the crosswords of Western and African Religions, The fusion of Asian and African cultures, Travel stories…and Korean Pop among other things. It’s all here. Rafee is one of the first bloggers I bonded with, over music and cultural interests. She talks to us here about the woman ‘behind the words:

You can read the entire post here; Behind the Words: curiosity killed the eccentric yoruba.

And yeah, my nickname is Rafee ^_^


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