It’s Raining!

Just for the fun of it…Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) is the face of an advertising campaign for a newly launched Korean cosmetics brand called Nature’s Republic and below are pictures and the official advert *giggle giggle*.

This is my best pic!
He looks a bit odd at the end of the video though, too muscular. Oh well Rain is still Rain.


  1. Ok I was hopeful when you said he looked ‘too muscular’ but I was disappointed lol. I have to say that Asian men don’t really catch my eye because they mostly have a tiny tiny physique. I don’t really care for a very muscular structure but I like a firm wider set man, like my husband. Seriously, most Asian men have thinner thighs than myself and that doesn’t fly!

  2. Hm…Nature’s Republic a mens’ cosmetics brand? Is this ad particularly for a mens’ line? If not, this is a really interesting ad campaign.

  3. @Jc lol, actually i’ve discovered the reason Asian men catch my eye. honestly a miracle happened today and a post is upcoming. haha i do like slim men though, at most athletic muscles. lol i have met those with thin thighs too :D@Alice, i think Nature’s Republic is unisex and by cosmetics they mean toiletries. because they make stuff for nature but i’ll admit that i know next to nothing about the brand except for the face of it ;). i think the idea behind the brand is that everything used in their products is from nature.

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