African Fashion?

My West African Korean friend share a link with me on facebook showing the picture above. She basically said that the models are supposed to be wearing African costumes and I decided to reply as though she had asked me what I thought about the picture. Anyway I told her that I felt it was 50% African. I replied that I was happy the photo shot was not filled with women in animal skins and masks (you know like Western interpretations of African fashion). I should have actually said it was 80% African or even 100%. The reason? Well while examining the picture, I noticed that I could trace some of the outfits to specific tribes, for example, I am pretty sure that the woman wearing white on the far right is wearing Fulani traditional clothing. Anyway, I’d like to know what you think? Does this qualify as African fashion?

P.S. Today was my graduation! I didn’t wear a hat in the end so I felt that I should not have done my hair in braids. On the flip side I got a lot of compliments, people seem to like my braids though I did not like it even while the girls were doing my hair. And everyone seems to think I lost weight though my Kenyan friend says my face looks refreshed and rounder. Is it a complimenet when people say you’ve lost weight? I just don’t know.


  1. I think it could – it's got a very korean flair to it – the clashing of prints, and some elements of the styling seem not so African. But it is African prints with some African styling elements (unlike those nasty flowered headdresses the New York Times tried to tell people were "African." smh I won't even go into that) Oh, btw, the women in this picture are in fact f(x)!!!

  2. what? what? these women are f(x)?! how on earth could you tell? amazing!!! thanks for weighing in too. and i so did not notice the Korean flair to be honest, or maybe i did hence the 50%.

  3. I think it's 90% african if not even Nigerian. I can see most of those prints on the streets of Abuja or Lagos and you're right, that is fulani trad which is not so common. The 10% is that it is obviously catlogue-gy or catwalk so not everyday designs. I wonder what the shoot is for?ps, what is f(x)?

  4. Myne, that's true. i'd buy those prints if i saw them except i'd probably not style them as they look in this pic. i have no idea what the shoot is for to be honest. we'll wait on mellowyel, since she knows the women in the pic are from f(x). f(x) is a Korean girl group. i think i mentioned them somewhere on this blog…

  5. @puregoldlady, thanks a million! ^^@mellowyel, thanks for the links. i've been following f(x)'s journey in Kenya. sometimes i just wish they'd go on a safari or to the beaches or something…the only time African pops up on allkpop.com is when some celebs go on charity travels. it's a bit sad but i guess they are doing a good thing…

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