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African Women Want Chinese Husbands!

Such an eye-catching title isn’t it? To be more specific, it seems some Tanzanian women are actively searching for Chinese husbands! I really do not know whether to laugh or cry, nevertheless, I find this wholly interesting. So, the full stroy; I was searching Google for something or the other when I came across some forums discussing the issue at hand. I followed a link to this wonderful article on TimesOnline UK. I could have embedded the entire article below but instead chose just the juicy parts.

Zaina, 28, a tall Tanzanian woman, intends to cash in on the new Chinese presence in Africa. She is planning to find herself an oriental husband.
“I had hoped to get a Westerner like you,” she told The Times. “But they are few and far between these days and Chinese are not so fussy and I’m not getting any younger. They say they are racist, but they like local women.”

ZOMG! “The Chinese are not so fussy”? And even though they are racist, they actually like local girls?! The world is coming to an end. This is how China is really going to colonise Africa, by leaving hoards of half-Chinese babies in their wake. (Note to everyone: Please do not take this paragraph seriously.)

“It is early, Chinese men work hard and come later, they not lazy like Tanzanians,” Zaina said. “Problem is many, many girls; me not really their type. I am tall and slim. They prefer small, fat ladies with paler skins,” she said, confiding with a whisper that some of the girls were busy applying skin-lightening ointment. “They buy it in Congo — we call them the Michael Jacksons.”

Thus, certain ‘problems’ start popping up. For example, the part about Chinese men being more hard working than Tanzanian men, I have actually heard this somewhere else before and that was when I was researching the presence of Chinese workers in Africa. The saddest part though is the part about the bleaching! These women need to stop bleaching! “If someone cannot accept you for who you are then they do not deserve you”..

Word has spread through Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s main commercial centre, that many of the Chinese men who have flooded into the country in recent years are open to marrying local women. In reality, only a handful of marriages have taken place.

Critics of the growing relationship with Beijing say that Chinese are now marrying local women to circumvent restrictions on foreigners gaining residency permits and owning land and companies. Such restrictions often do not apply to people married to Tanzanian nationals who can easily also gain nationality.

Could this possibly be the truth of the matter? Are marrying local women a means of smuggling ivory and other illegal products into China?

“They love our women, especially the ones with big bottoms. I don’t know why they have that reputation for racism. That’s certainly not the case here.” Others say that the Chinese are using their women as mules to carry ivory from poached elephants and rhinos out of the country and drugs on the way back again.

LOL, ‘the ones with the big bottoms’, Wonders shall never end. I also found some of the comments below the article interesting but the comments are not what I want to address in this post…to be honest, I do not have anything much to address. Except of course that I enjoyed reading this article. Of course there are many things to address, things that some people may find problematic however I am not ready to go into that just now.

In other news, just last week I found an interesting video on youtube that deals with the theme of this post. I guess it is meant to be a documentary or something. It is in several parts and is about a Chinese man’s marriage to an Ethiopian woman. It is poorly subbed but here is the video below,


  1. People are so stupid.Say it with me: Fucking stupid.No, scratch that. Now repeat after me:Africans are fucking stupid and never, EVER learn.And I say Africans because again and again, this keeps happening ALL OVER THE CONTINENT. It doesn't matter who the foreigners are: white o! chinese o! russian o! anybody! As long as they are not Black.Just because someone fucks you doesn't mean they can't be racist. Loads of racist white men fucked the living daylight out of hordes of enslaved African women in America. Does that suddenly undo their racism?Africans are stupid because Africans are the only group of people I know that deliberately and willingly self-efface in favour of extolling another group. "Chinese men are harder working than Tanzanians"What the fuck??? These women sound stupid. And by the time they admit that they actually bleach themselves so that Chinese men (whom they have admitted do not like them because they are dark) will like them, they begin to sound retarded. If you have to give yourself skin cancer and turn into an ojuju before a man will like you, then you're better off staying on your own and masturbating when you want company. These women are stupid because they automatically placed Chinese men above Tanzanian men in their minds, and they are stupidly HELPING the Chinese to exploit them and their country's resources. At the end of the day, who will live in the jacked up country the Chinese leave behind once they've stripped it of their resources? These same women.If these women are STUPID enough to think for even one second that these Chinese men will marry them and proudly take them back to China and parade them there for all their relatives and the rest of the Chinese population to see then they don't know anything.As the article said, there's been a lot of sex going on, but VERY FEW MARRIAGES. And even the ones that are marrying Tanzanian women are marrying them in Tanzania and working in Tanzania. There is no way in Hell these men will take their Tanzanian wives back to China with them. Maybe one or two will, but I promise you, most WILL NOT. What is going to happen in a few years (assuming that's when China finishes their business) is that these women will be left holding the bag.The men will abandon them and go back to China, or they will settle in Tanzania permanently. But either way, any Tanzanian women that are dreaming of packing to China can dream on.omg. African stupidity makes me sick. When the fuck are we going to learn? When we've been completely sucked dry by the world? When there's nothing left?Interracial relationships are great and the fucking shiznit but this situation here is so OBVIOUS it's not even funny. It has HEARTBREAK, BETRAYAL, and EXPLOITATION written all over it, and these STUPID AS FUCK women are stepping right into the shit.And what totally gets my goat is that it's not only Tanzanian women. There is a sizeable population of women (and men) that think and would respond EXACTLY like these Tanzanian women in EVERY country on the continent, and that is beyond fucked up.

  2. If only I can lay my hands on these Tazanian women; I will send them with the Chinese workers to hell fire.NB:Anybody can call me a hater or whatever–in anticipation!

  3. I can see why you found the article interesting. I think the title of the article addressing the 'Michael Jackson' women who want Chinese men was quite telling really. I also found it interesting that they said only a handful of marriages had taken place which is again telling both for the Chinese and the TanzaniansSugabelly you really are too much. Too much swearing, too much vitriole. Do you realize that many of these women ARE EXPLOITATIVE themselves. In the interview one of them said they were hoping to find a westerner but she is happy to settle for a Chinese man. Do you realize that for some people marrying a foreigner does mean a better standard of life that they couldn't have. This is true especially for very poor women who wouldn't be attractive for marriage by a local because even in Africa….oh yes even in Africa…a class system exists. Let us be honest, I'm certain that on both the Chinese and Tanzanian side there are schemers. Just as I am certain that there are those who are deceived. I just don't see it like you do that every single one of them is stepping into a trap. I would give them much more credit for intellect than that. Side note Eccentric – I also read the comments which I found fascinating too. There were just two and both were the same lol This one is from Alex Nevsky – 'china's rise is actually a good thing for the western world. as china becomes more wealthy, and with it's growing business empire in africa, it will take some of the pressure off western nations with regard to asylum and aid.'I really find it fascinating that Africa is deemed as unable to take care of itself. Fair enough there have been very few economic successes and we are currently plagued as a continent by bad leadership. However, many of these people are leading by example and the first lesson taught by colonialism was oppress the people and then take what you want. Sure we should have moved on by now but unfortunately we haven't and we aren't going to when 'aid' is given due to political motivation. I am more optimistic though because I do think there will come a time when we will have thinking leaders who will exploit resources rather than people. There will come a time when leaders even the corrupt ones will have a business hat on and learn that raising the standard of living for all, educating and attracting investment will mean that they can really begin to earn much more money. The truth is that much of the western world is riddled with corruption, the difference is their economies can take it. In Africa this is not the case. I don't see corruption being thwarted, I see people learning from Zimbabwe and wanting to emulate a different economic strategy. Real food for thought with this post Eccentric – thanks!

  4. @JC: I swear because I swear. That's inconsequential and that's why it's MY comment. As for vitriol, I have nothing against these women. I certainly don't envy them, but their stupidity annoys me. And yes, these women may be scheming on their own part – scheming to get what they PERCEIVE to be a better life by marrying a westerner or a Chinese man, but the question you're not asking is WHY DO THESE WOMEN THINK LIKE THIS???And it is the answer to that question that gets on my nerves. Africans are still being steadily brainwashed into thinking foreign is better, white is better, ANYTHING non-black/African is BETTER and that is what informs the thinking of these women. They are stupid because although they are complicit in 'plotting' to improve themselves through marriage to a westerner or Chinese, they are trading their dignity (and more importantly, THEIR HEALTH!!! – skin cancer anyone??? Hellooooo!!! )for this improvement which unfortunately is only PERCEIVED. They are stupid because they are choosing to ignore the reality of the situation which is that in 9 cases out of 10, Chinese men from China (i.e. those who have lived in China until recently or were raised to adulthood in China) look down on Africans/blacks, find African women ugly (or at least say as much), do not want to date them and if they do, do it in secret and consider it a shameful thing, and certainly will not marry them or proudly display them to their families and friends. Which is why it is so OBVIOUS that the Tanzanian women are the losers in this arrangement, and that is why the willingness of these Tanzanian women to put down their fellow Tanzanian men in the name of praising Chinese men (who are going to use them) is infuriating.

  5. @Sugabelly – I think you missed the point where I said that some of these women would prefer to marry someone, anyone. I think you are so blind to your own point that you cannot see the reality. Africa IS poor, Tanzania IS poor. Everywhere you go go in the world regardless of colour there will be a pretty girl who will compromise a part of her soul for a rich man. This means dignity, self respect and even abuse. This is the story of being human not being a particular race. The human race as a whole does have an exploitative underbelly. Somehow when an African woman does it, now it incenses you. I know quite a few Africans who have married other Africans for wealth or prestige. I have been to Nigerian weddings where the bride is married to the love of her life who she has known for a month (ah but she has a British passport o!). Get the racism blinders off and see the picture for what it is. Yes it is right that you should be annoyed by their statements but do not extend your judgement beyond the handful of women who do this. Seriously, suddenly we all as Africans are stupid and never learn? I refuse to agree with your point. I am an African and we are a nation (haha yes a nation) of very intelligent people with goals, ambitions and motivations. In your own words, 'Africans are stupid because Africans are the only group of people I know that deliberately and willingly self-efface in favour of extolling another group.' Stop doing it, you don't need to do it to make yourself heard. @Eccentric – I just had to speak one more time, I'll let it go now because I've said my piece and I've just seen the recommendations you gave me on the previous comment! Cheers 🙂

  6. @JC: And you too are missing my point. The point is, no woman should be doing what they are doing, irrespective of her race. And yes, I DO get upset when African women do it because I AM AN AFRICAN WOMAN. Which is why these women are of special interest to me. Nobody gets angry about things or people they don't care about. The reason things like this upset me when they have to do with Africa or Africans is because I DO care. If I didn't care I wouldn't bother.And it's not about 'my point'. You seem to want to think it is, maybe because you just want to be able to say ' oh, you just care about making your point'. I remember you said something similar on Black Girl Long Hair. You might not like the way I comment and that's fine but you need to realise that I am not fighting with you and this is not a war. I don't comment here so I can say ha I proved JC wrong and only I am right. If my comments come across sounding angry it's because I AM angry. Yes there are lots of Nigerian women that do what you described. Did I ever tell you that I supported those women? Those women get on my nerves just as much as these women do and that's the reason why.And yes, Africans behave stupidly in situations like this. Not every African, but as far as group behaviour goes, we continue to make choices that are to our detriment and to the benefit of foreigners.Yes, we are intelligent people and I'd like to see some of that intelligence shine through. I'm sorry, I don't care how anyone tries to put it, but these women bleaching themselves for Chinese men are not using their intelligence. It is not simply about racism. It is not that cut and dry, so stop trying to make out that all I care about is racism. If you think it's okay for Tanzanian women to do this to themselves just because Nigerian women do the same thing only with Nigerian men then that's you. I do not share your views on this issue. My anger is my feeling on this article and I have a right to be angry about it if I want to because until Africans stop doing these types of things to themselves, WE ALL will suffer from the negative images that the choices of our fellow Africans bring upon us.

  7. Oh and JC, if you think there is not a PATTERN of Africans REPEATEDLY seriously disenfranchising themselves in order to make life more convenient for non-Africans, look around you. I don't just yell out Africans are stupid because I think Africans have problems with their mental faculties. Of course, I know Africans are just as smart as anyone else, but Africans need to WAKE UP and stop stabbing themselves in the back.With other races you hear about it every once in a while but with Africans it is an almost daily occurence. We are CONTINUALLY shortchanging ourselves for others under catchy names like 'hospitality' or 'globalization' or whatever they call it these days.It is not a simple insult so stop reacting like I just wanted to be mean and insult Africans. Thanks. Saying Africans are stupid and never learns is about the fact that Africans CONTINUE to act in ways that seriously inconvenience them (to the convenience of foreigners) even though they have had similar experiences and were burned by them before.Again, you don't have to agree with me, so I'm not really sure where the part about 'sorry but I cannot agree with you' came from. I never ASKED you or anyone else to agree with me. This is just me saying this. If you don't like it or if you don't agree then it's totally cool. I'm not fighting anybody and I wish people would stop acting as if I were.

  8. ok, am totally with Jc on this one. Sugabelly, u r not exactly extolling d virtues of africa by generalizing africans to be stupid cos one yeye girl wey get a twisted sense of how to get to her el dorado. Just like am mega pissed by nigerians dat attack nigeria & nigerians. WTF! Do u think it makes u a better person?? Like really?

  9. @FFF: I don't understand what "feeling like a better person" has to do with this or anything. If you're upset with because you feel I'm unfairly generalizing Africans, I understand that.What I don't understand is how I'm supposed to be using this to feel like a better person.

  10. @eccentricyoruba,wow! hot topic and hot comment sections. I'm enjoying the thread. The article was interesting – thanks for sharing, I had not heard of this new "phenomenon." (if it can even be called "new" or "phenomenon")

  11. It's appaling.. But you know what? I am mixed with Polish and Congolese; my mother is opposed to me dating black men because they are not hard working, they don't like camping and nature, and all they want to do is stay home. My father doesn't wanrt me to marry a Carribean because they are not serious, they're lazy, they have no roots and they will abandon me and my child. SOOO? Prejudices are still rampant in our days, even and perhaps, especially in interracial couples. Anyways, I thought the video was cute though. LOL @ 'He has the ability to get chinese girl, why did he go get a black girl?'

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