The Female Superhero

This post is essentially my commentary on ‘Alan Moore’s Misogynistic Legacy’. I read it on that blog following a link posted at When Fangirls Attack. The comment section of the post are closed so I had no choice but to come here. You may want to read the post before continuing just to get a…

Bridgette Amofah is Great!

Bridgette Amofah is a Ghanaian-British pop/alternative/soul singer and she is one of the best musicians I’ve listened to in a while. I’m very picky with my music and I’ve pretty much given up on any music from the West (i.e America and Europe). I’m a world music freak however occassionally I find a musician that…

Identity- Proudly Nigerian?

This will be the last post on this Identity issue. When you come to think of it, it is really not complicated, you know this search for a community to fit into and for people who understand you. I suppose as human beings, we are constantly searching for companionship and I do recognise it’s importance….

White over the rest

Okay, this video has been circulating Facebook and some blogs. It shows a white man speaking Nigerian pidgin and some Hausa (In the video he’s basically saying that he’s at a club in Anambra and things are good etc). I mean he speaks it better than me and that’s not saying much to be honest….

Global Beats- Simphiwe Dana

I’m an avid listener of world music aka global beats*. I love sharing my music so in this series I’ll showcase my favourite musicians from all over the world. Simphiwe Dana is a South African jazz singer. I’m not sure if her music is classifiable to be honest but she performed at the Cape Town…